Individual Internet Therapy Specializing in Early, Middle, and Long-Term Recovery.

Living Challenges, Living Problems and Issues: When more than 12-Steps are needed.

Specialized Therapy, working with Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts:

In middle and long-term recovery with long-term issues.
Following treatment, better connect to significant others, family and the fellowship.
All persuasions of various 12-step fellowships; alcohol, drug addiction, gambling, eating addiction, sex or love addiction or with dual diagnosis.

man using skype session

Internet Therapy via a secure conferencing system - similar to Skype.

Easy/free to set-up, I can help you if needed...

We can connect for a verbal session via phone.

We start with agenda building and incorporating the goals that each person brings to therapy. Therapy is our journey together to help you build the life you desire.

We identify and replace distorted thoughts and behavior patterns with more rational thoughts and behaviors.

We work on learning to process emotions and their impact on the psyche.

We work on how to respond versus just react or avoid and how to develop the emotional balance you need to feel safe, secure and stable.

I utilize client-centered therapy along with cognitive behavioral therapy, re-scripting and a variety of other approaches in my work with clients.

Agenda is client centered and choices are varied:
possible examples are here:

My Professional Service:

I specialize, working with recovering addicts, of all persuasions, including various 12-step fellowships; alcohol, drug addiction, gambling, eating addiction, sex or love addiction, or with dual diagnosis, in long-term recovery, or post-treatment.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Master Addiction Counselor with over 27 years clean/sober and active in 12-step recovery.

I have passion for helping others enrich their recovery and create a fulfilling life, made up of conscious choices.

I specialize working with:

  • Adjustment issues (job changes, health issues, break-ups, lifestyle changes)
  • Existential concerns (meaning in life, ability to feel emotions or be happy)
  • Spiritual concerns (Such as ability to connect or believe)
  • Trauma issues (from childhood or incurred in adulthood)
  • Re-scripting (involving distortions in our perceptions such as toxic shame that impacts our emotions)
  • Unresolved grief,
    • death of loved one, loss in life such as divorce, custody of children, career,
    • and including even the loss of the reward of getting high.
  • I also specialize in helping to build trust and helping on ways to better connect with others
    • By learning to become truly intimate
    • And being able to show your True Self to others,
    • As well as the ability to use all emotions as tools to include resolving conflict.

Connecting with others is vital for a healthy life and recovery.

  • Are you able to connect with your family, spouse, sponsor or others in the fellowship in intimate ways?
  • Learn the values of small talk to full intimacy and use of rituals, boundaries and privacy as well.

I am a seasoned therapist and utilize eclectic mix of therapies as needed per agenda of the client.

  • I “think” in 12-steps and blend with needed therapy (to include various cognitive therapies, gestalt therapy, anger release work, mindfulness meditation, behavioral therapy, DBT, and archetypal focus and skills training).
  • Many people with average or high IQ (intelligence quotient) have difficulty maneuvering in life and relationships.

I focus on increasing EQ (emotional quotient) and SQ (spiritual quotient) to be able to make better make decisions utilizing our emotional tools and live a conscious lifestyle and to self-actualize and live from our higher self.

General counseling includes:

    • self-esteem issues,
    • codependency,
    • relationship issues,
    • grief,
    • adjustment, or
    • existential issues.

I carry the “Wounded Healer” shadow" (I'm a recovering addict) and help to access your “Inner Healer” shadow.
I have extensive training in recovery from addictions. I draw upon decades of specialized training and applied skills.

I view this work as a "Heart-centered" practice with the intent of aligning mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.

Your worth is intrinsic and you have inherent value, purpose, and meaning.

“Imagine trying to explain something you see or feel everyday to a person who has never seen or felt anything like that before anonymous”

Many individuals spend an enormous amount of time regretting the past, anticipating the future and ignoring the present moment. It’s in the “now” that one learns time does not heal all wounds. But wounds can be healed. Distress in life is due at least in part to the co-existence of opposing, often competing and conflicting needs, wants, demands, thought and emotional patterns.

Heal the Underlying Core Emotions and Scripts (thought patterns and emotions that dictate or contribute to behavior) that fuel Your Addiction and unwanted behavior patterns.
Improve self-esteem and self-actualize.
Connect to your True Self
Connect to your Spirit.

“Every person will die, not every person truly Lives”

To whoever may need a little help, I am truly blessed after so many years searching for a professional therapist who really cares for their clients. I finally found my good shepherd. We share truths and he teaches me tools to use when the going gets tough.

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

And he did. I am 65 and diagnosed with Bipolar 2, ADHD, and Major Depression and am in recovery from addiction. I could not have survived the past two years without my therapist, Bob Wilkins. I would recommend him to anyone that is serious about improving the quality of their life and in need of a helping hand. My therapist has a compassionate, loving, and giving heart. He is Life Changing, and “On the Beam”. When he speaks, I listen.
With Sincere and Loving Gratitude,

Linda A.

Bob has helped me to grow in many ways. I was doing “OK” but tended to isolate and knew something was missing. I had stopped meetings and he helped me realize the importance of starting back and I learned to connect to others in the fellowship and today I now feel at ease talking with anyone.

Jenny B.

I have been in AA for 14 years and knew I wanted more from my recovery. My recovery was in trouble. I was developing a gambling addiction and he helped me to address that. He could read through my bullshit. He also helped me deal with problems with my children, that I found out stemmed from my childhood. I am so grateful.

Pat F. 

I had been through long-term outpatient treatment and was referred to him. I quit the drugs, but still occasionally drank. He confronted me in such a way that penetrated me, but I was pissed. With Bob’s help I was able to see I was splitting my addiction and stopped drinking and got serious with NA. He helped me with family issues and trauma issues and would recommend him to anyone and have done so several times. 

Dejon M.

It has been so difficult dealing with my family. I’ve grown and am better with boundaries. Bob helped me get past blocks and love myself and have a loving relationship with God now. He is so insightful and I have been blessed to work with him. I work a better OA program now. 


Betsy L.

Credentials, Formal Education, Associations and Organizations.

I have been an active member of 12-Step Recovery and clean and sober since 1987

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) Ga. #002510 since 4/19/1997

Master Addictions Counselor (MAC) with NAADAC # 501753 since 8/31/1998

Master of Science (MS) in Counseling and Human Development (1991) Troy State University, BBA of Business Administration (1986) Columbus State University, American Counseling Association (ACA), National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC), Georgia Addiction Counseling Association (GACA), Mankind Project since 2004

My Professional and Personal History

Being able to share Your Experiences with a Therapist who is in Recovery is very helpful.

I have been in continuous Recovery since 1987 and been a Counselor since 1990. I was first exposed to 12-step Recovery in 1982.

I have worked in an addictions inpatient treatment center, psychiatric inpatient unit and individual therapy with a wide range of people (Addiction and majority psychiatric diagnosis, dual diagnosis, addicts with issues in long term recovery, grief issues, adjustment issues [divorce, death of loved one, career change]…as examples) as well as numerous outpatient groups (depression and bipolar focused, anxiety relief, anger management, and outpatient addiction recovery).

Most people do not really understand what it is like to be an addict, so talking with another addict can be helpful indeed.

Therapy with a Therapist in Recovery

  • I bring the best of both worlds; Recovery and Therapy
  • I have a passion to work with recovering alcoholics and addicts struggling with living problems or just wish to be all they can become as intended.
  • Recovery is a lifeline and taproot for many of us and talking about your feelings and past events and working & living the 12-steps is therapeutic, life-saving and life-changing, but not always enough.
  • More is often needed to help us heal from the wounds of growing up and living life.
  • Who of us hasn’t used something to deny dealing with feelings and alter “reality” in some way? Often that can become a pervasive pattern, keeping us in bondage.
  • Learn to use your emotions as tools and be able to breathe in and welcome all feelings, no matter how connected to the present, past or future, they are.
  • Learn to be in peace and a strong agent of change, in your life .
  • Do I choose to live with clarity or distorted perceptions?

Purposes in Life

I am clear, of some of my Purposes in life:

  • To remain sober (of sound mind)
  • To continue to heal and help others to heal
  • To look for and see the GOOD in others
  • To be of service
  • To carry the message of recovery
  • To continue to grow in roles before me... being a better father, husband, therapist, teacher…
  • To continue to ask for God’s will and the strength and his grace to carry it out.

Prior to recovery I was a reactor to life for the most part and attempted to control it and others. I sought and used alcohol/drugs to cope. It seemed to work…at first. I knew little of having purpose and meaning

Are you still a student of recovery, as well as a teacher? A prayer I use at start of meetings is, “Please allow me to hear the message of recovery, regardless of sobriety length or who shares it and if it be your will, allow me to carry the message”.


Specialized Training

Extensive work with addictions, a wide range of psychiatric counseling, primarily with adults, but also to include work with adolescents and children.

Specialized education, training, interest and clinical treatment experience, includes: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mental Health Treatment, Alcohol and Drug Treatment/Recovery, Relapse Prevention training, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Archetypal and Client-centered approach.

Experience of my own recovery from addiction and exploring life issues to include being active in 12-step recovery for 27+ years, men’s integrative work with an archetypal focus, meditation practice, intensive deep process work, therapy, and process therapy.

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